What Did He Said #4 – Costa Rica Rant

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No guest interview on this one.  Just a solo rant about my family getaway to Costa Rica.  My trip was an eye opener to the rat race of American culture.  No  one was murdered by cops in Costa Rica the week we were there.  No one killed cops while we were there.  We never saw any media circus coverage about self-centered presidential candidates.  I was not stuck in traffic at all.  We chilled by the beach and watched the sunset.  Costa Rica did not participate in any wars that week because they don’t even have a military.  They spend all that money on building schools instead.  What a concept, build schools not bombs.  Costa Ricans who might be considered “poor” by most standards get to chill like theyr’e retired and eat lobster on the daily.  They’re healthy and stress free so to me they’ve made it like a retired millionaire!  i have a fresh new perspective.  The trip allowed me to decompress and focus on the big picture.  I can’t wait to get back to living that “PURA VIDA” lifestyle!