What Did He Said #5 – Bboy Moy

From middle school talent shows to traveling the world, Moy has worked hard to continually represent and inspire globally. He is known as one of the most dynamic and versatile bboys in the world.

Bboying wasn’t anything new to Moy when it captured his attention back in 1995/96. His older brother used to break in the 80s, which in this case helped him have a better understanding of the dance.

He started practicing and training  almost 6 to 8 hours a day at the age of 12 with a group of friends from his neighborhood. They would go to every party, skating rink,  youth center you can think of. If it had a floor, they were there. In 1996, Moy was introduced to YA (Youth Advocates), which was a youth center that provided a Hip Hop night for everyone in the culture to get down. YA Night became a weekly thing, and still goes on today.

Between 1996 and 1997, Moy was breakin with a crew called “Lunatics”  but later got out because everyone  was a bit older and just had a different direction in mind.  Shortly after, Moy and his boys started “HAVIK” which initially was an acronym for, Having  A Vicious Indestructible Krew. HAVIK Bboyz were top competitors in Texas at this time. Battling almost every weekend, it seemed that the final battle was always HAVIK versus another local crew called KORO (Knights Of Rhythm Odyssey). This battle will end up going on for almost 2 to 3 years, until 1999 when both crews heard of a big event called Freestyle Session going down in Pasadena, CA. That’s when they both decided to join and take their chance by competing against some of the worlds best crews. They entered as HAVIK/KORO and that was the beginning of a whole new movement for Moy and his crew.

By the time 2000 rolled around, Moy was being asked to fly all over the world to compete and also received a sponsorship deal from Tribal Gear. Traveling and competing became a normal thing for Moy and after doing that consistently for 6 years, Moy wanted to accomplish more.


Paris France. Feb. 2012

In February of 2006, Moy got married to his wife, Roxanne Rivas and that same year, the couple bought a home in their hometown of Houston, Texas. Living together in their new home for a year or so, they decided they wanted to try something different to better their careers. So they tried their chance in Los Angeles. Sure enough, through hard work and dedication Moy began landing jobs in the entertainment industry. He worked on national commercials for T-Mobile, JC Penny, McDonalds, and more. He also worked on various awards shows, television shows and feature films.

In 2010, Moy was honored by Rock Steady Crew, with the SPY Award, which is the most prestigious award for bboys. Learn more about SPY Award Click Here

The following year, was a big year for Moy and his family – His son, Izaiah Rivas was born. Later that year, he pursued a child hood dream and opened up Break Free Community Center. BFCC is a community center focused on promoting positive Hip Hop Culture, Creative Expression, and Healthy Living.

In late 2012, Moy and his wife Roxanne, added another addition to the family – Izabella Sophia Rivas! Now with their family growing, and BFCC succeeding, the only thing to do – is to continue to work as hard as possible.

Moy is truly a one of kind bboy. He puts his main focus on GOD and family. His passion and dedication comes through the influence of his parents being strong and spirit filled leaders.

Although Moy is one of the most humble Bboys around, he is also one of the most fearless bboys and trains so hard to remain as ready as possible!

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